New Book Announcement: Apex Predator

Welcome back to the blog! I know it’s been awhile.

As time has passed, I have written less and less on this blog. That it not to say, however, that I have abandoned my writing. Don’t worry about that. I am still writing books. Rather, I find that as the process of writing and publishing fiction novels becomes more and more familiar to me, I feel less excitement around the act of reaching major milestones. When at one point finishing a rough draft was a major deal, it has now been something I’ve completed several times over. Therefore, the need to write and celebrate it on this blog feels diminished.

While readers of this blog may have enjoyed reading about my major writing or publishing milestones, and I certainly understand that, I find it important to consider that some milestones once considered major may not be as significant anymore. Certainly the fact that I now have 10 published works to my name should indicate that, at least to me, reaching a major point in the process of writing or publishing a book is no longer as big a deal as it once was.

Still, that is not to say that I am outright done with this blog. I will continue to write on it and keep my readers informed of updates. Which, of course, brings me to some major news regarding an upcoming release. Yes, I do have news to get to after all…

I have a new book complete!

… Or should I say, a new rough draft.

The book is called Apex Predator and it already has cover art. Check it out here:


This is my first cover that is primarily text-based, rather that image/picture-based. Frankly, I find that it fits the tone/theme of the book well. I did play around with having images or art in it, but this simply worked much better.

Wondering what the book is about? Well, I’ve got you covered there! Keep reading for my draft of the official blurb:


“Author Andrew Gates’s first foray into the horror genre is a claustrophobic shock to all five senses.

Stranded in a subterranean cave somewhere in the Pacific, two American pilots shot down over the Sea of Japan find themselves cut off from all light. Blinded and lost in the pitch-black darkness, both pilots must rely on their other senses to navigate the treacherous caverns. But they are not alone. A predator rules this cave. And unlike the men, darkness is all it has ever known.”
As you can tell, this is my first true horror story. While other books I have written had a lot of scary parts in them, they were never true outright horror stories… until now.
While I do not have a release date for this book just yet, realistically I expect it can be out by Christmas time. I recognized that I potentially missed a major opportunity by not having it out by Halloween, but as long as I can get it out by Christmas, I believe things should work out well. And honestly, getting this released by Christmas should be easily attainable.
Apex Predator is the shortest book I have ever written. It is even shorter than my short-story collection, Kangblabla! At first I was worried that a book of this length may not sell well, but after having seen similar books of this length out and available for sale, my worries were put to rest. I am confident that this book, as short as it is, will sell.
Keep checking back on this blog for more information on the upcoming book, Apex Predator.

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