Iris Selling Well – Best Sales Day Yet

Due to a recent successful advertising campaign, Iris recently had its best sales day yet.

In all the years since its release in September 2016, Iris‘s best sales month has only ever maxed out at 18 units, which broke down to 10 paperback sales and 8 Kindle sales. That month was November 2016.

That statistic is for Iris alone. As for book sales overall, my best month was June 2017, where I sold 29 books total across all titles. This number broke down to 5 paperback sales and 24 Kindle sales.

If these numbers are surprising and you are wondering how I make any money off of selling less than 20 books a month, it is important to recall that authors do not exclusively make money from book sales. Authors like myself also make money through subscribers of the Kindle Unlimited subscription service. In fact, most of the money I make from my books comes from this source.

Earlier this week, on June 22nd, in just one day, Iris alone sold 50 Kindle copies. That same day, three copies of Kholvaria were sold, one copy of Veznek, and one copy of Hive. That puts the total sales for the day at 55 Kindle units across all titles. The following day, June 23rd, I sold 10 copies of Iris and the day after that, June 24th, two more were sold. That puts a 3-day total of 67 titles sold.

All of this builds on what would have already been an impressive sales month regardless. All in all, I have sold a total of 82 books this month, exceeding my old record of 29 books by 53.

This increase in sales is due directly to a highly successful advertising campaign, which these sales numbers have already paid for in full. Additionally an increase in sales leads directly to an increase in KU subscribers reading my books too.

All in all, these numbers look great and I am excited to see where this momentum leads.

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