Battle Planet Release – Early Sales Reactions

Battle Planet is now for sale in both paperback and kindle formats! This release marks the first of three back-to-back-to-back releases each happening one week apart. Next week we will see the release of Seas of the Red Star (April 30th) followed by The Daltus Conspiracy (May 7th).

Today (only a few minutes before writing this) I put the finishing touches on all remaining projects in my upcoming releases. That means from this point out, everything is primed and ready to go and I no longer have any work to do on these three books. It feels GREAT having this finally past me. The looming pressure of hitting deadlines is gone and I can now rest easy knowing that I submitted the final versions of everything.

Now all I do is sit back and wait for the books to release.

Battle Planet released yesterday and already sales numbers are excellent. KENP reads (pages read in the Kindle Unlimited subscription service) show that people have read enough pages to get through the book multiple times. Additionally there were pre-order sales from three countries and even a number of paperback sales.

As seems to happen, the increase in attention to Battle Planet has caused other books to get more page reads too. Surprisingly, Iris, not Battle Planet, is actually my top-read book right now, though I am certain that the increase in Iris‘s KENP reads is tied directly to Battle Planet‘s release. This reaffirms my belief that the best way to sell old books is to release new books. That is why I hope this back-to-back-to-back release is going to pay off in a big way.

Now all I do is sit and wait and coast and let the magic of this master plan work itself out.

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