Three Books to Release in One Month

Since the release of Hive at the end of December, there has been a lot on my plate project-wise. With the splitting up of me and author MD Cooper, rights to a three book series called Vexa’s Legacy has gone completely over to me. That means I now have two books ready to go to be published, with a third about 1/2 written.

Between that series and Battle Planet, I have essentially three fully-written books ready and a fourth with a  lot of work done. My plan is now to work on getting all my current works in progress edited and formatted. Formatting takes a LONG time and is probably my least favorite part of the job, but that’s what I’m working on right now.

In addition to formatting, I am also getting cover artwork made for all the books. So far I have cover art for Battle Planet and the first book in what was once called Vexa’s Legacy, but now I think I want to call the series Pirates of Vexa Prime. The first book in Pirates of Vexa Prime is going to be called Seas of the Red Star.

You can see cover art for Seas of the Red Star below. I just had this made over the weekend by artist Justin Davis.

Seas of the Red Star

Once I have all four of these books ready, or at least the first three, I plan to release them back-to-back-to-back a week apart within a month. It is my hope that repeated releases like that will help boost my author rank on Amazon.

The books will be released in this order:

  • Battle Planet: The Champion of Earth
  • Seas of the Red Star (Pirates of Vexa Prime Book 1)
  • The Daltus Conspiracy (Pirates of Vexa Prime Book 2)
  • Return to Red One (Pirates of Vexa Prime Book 3)

Should be an exciting month!

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