The Partnership that Never Was

I have never publicly written about this up until this point, but for the last two years since early 2017, I have been in contact with an author, MD Cooper. The two of us were working on a science-fiction series together, which we were going to call Vexa’s Legacy.

Since that time, MD Cooper has  helped me in a number of other ways, including helping me be a part of the Pew! Pew! science-fiction short story collections. Those short stories have been a blast to write and I was glad to get my name out there through those collections.

The premise of Vexa’s Legacy is very interesting. Set in Cooper’s Aeon 14 universe, the story is about two space explorers who find themselves on a low-gravity planet with 18th Century pirates. It’s a fun mix of hard-science fiction and old fashioned pirates.

Vexa’s Legacy was originally intended to release as a three-part trilogy at the end of August/start of September 2017. But then that got pushed back to around November/December 2017, then to 2018, then later, then later, then finally February of 2019. That brings us to now.

At present time I have written completed drafts of book one and book two in the Vexa’s Legacy series. Book three is still in progress, about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way finished.

Today, I learned that the project is pushed back once again. Not wanting this project to be stalled for a total of two full years or longer, I have finally come to the decision to break my agreement with Cooper and retain full rights to the Vexa’s Legacy series.

Since I never even publicly announced that we were working together, the news that I am no longer working with Cooper should not come as a shock. However, it does mean that you can expect three new books to come out entirely under my name in the next few months.

Now that I have full rights to the series, there will certainly be several changes made to the draft. For starters, I will eliminate any reference to the Aeon 14 universe, as this is now meant to be a completely stand-alone series. Secondly, the title won’t be Vexa’s Legacy. As for what the title will be, I don’t yet know, but it won’t be Vexa’s Legacy.

The fact that two of the three books are already [mostly] written also means I am in the unique position to release them in rapid succession. I intend to do just that. When they release, I plan to release the entire series in the span of about a month.

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