Hive Finally Available on Paperback + Battle Planet Cover Art Revealed

Hive is FINALLY available in paperback format after nearly a month’s delay. I am pleased to have the book in my hands in a condition that looks great! It’s visually consistent with the others in the series and will look fitting as a set on the wall.

Hive‘s paperback comes out to 619 pages. Compared to other books in the series, that makes it the second-longest book. Iris came out to 651, Kholvaria came out to 537 and Veznek came out to 615. Interestingly, Veznek has the shortest word-count out of the four but has a longer page-count because it features a preview of Cassidy at the end.

The book will be priced at $17.95 USD. By comparison, Iris and Veznek are both currently priced at $16.95, while Kholvaria, being the shortest, is priced at $15.55. Since I am using KDP publishing for this book rather than CreateSpace as I have in the past, they take a higher percentage of the overall sale, so I have to increase the price this time around to make the same amount of money.

I am very glad to see that Hive is finally ready to go in paperback format. This has been something that I have obviously been working on for a long time. The delay has been VERY VERY annoying. Overall, I have little positive to say about my experience with KDP publishing.

frusterations with kdp (2)

For instance, in the image above, the error message would indicate that there is an issue with my interior. Keep in mind, it takes me about 20 minutes to upload the interior, so when I click “upload” I don’t know if it worked or not until 20 minutes later. After receiving this error message multiple times where I reformatted the interior each time and even tried submitting it in various formats (word, pdf…), this error continued to come up. The process of just uploading, waiting for it to tell me if it worked or not, tweaking it, then reuploading it, took HOURS.

I eventually got on the phone with KDP. They told me my file looked fine. There was no reason this should be happening. Then they said they’d look into it and figure it out.

THREE DAYS LATER I was told the issue is with my cover, not my interior. Yet NOTHING in this error message would indicate that the issue is with the cover. The words literally say “There was an issue processing your interior.”

So I tweaked my cover in a way that it didn’t fit the dimensions of my book, but at least it uploaded now. Also, did I mention that KDP completely screwed with the margins of my interior and would not allow me to upload my manuscript until the margins were squished like a newspaper column? Because that also happened.

All in all, this delay was annoying and KDP staff was difficult to reach. I did NOT have a positive experience using their service and I greatly preferred working with CreateSpace. Alas, since KDP publishing bought out CreateSpace, unfortunately that door has closed. Now I just hope some other company out there can prove to be a suitable alternative.

On some unrelated positive news, I want to share with you all some awesome artwork for the upcoming book, Battle Planet. I commissioned an artist, Justin Davis, for the image below. Justin did a wonderful job getting this put together in just one weekend! I now own this piece of work and can use it for any promotional art or book cover. In fact, I plan for this to be the cover of Battle Planet. See for yourself:

battle planet cover

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