Updated Prologue

A few weeks ago I posted a rough version of the prologue to my book. Since it was posted, the prologue has been edited. Because I’ve given you guys a lot of updates on my editing work, I thought you guys would like to see an updated version of the prologue. To clarify, this is just an updated version of what I posted earlier. Click here to read it.

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Creed and More on Iris

One of the greatest film franchises of all time began in the 1970s and has stamped its mark on pop-culture through generations. There have been six movies in the series so far, but just recently its seventh installment has been released. The new movie combines some of the old cast from the original movies with new characters. Though the new movie is almost a complete re-hash of the original, fans seem to be loving it. Obviously, that movie is Creed. Click here to read what I think of Creed and to learn more about Iris.

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